Laser Graphic Imaging

Laser Graphic Imaging

Laser graphic imaging is the process of a laser beam modifying a material producing permanent photographic images. Universal’s laser systems deliver the highest possible laser graphic imaging performance on a wide variety of materials.

Laser Photo Imaging

Laser photo imaging machines quickly enable ornate images to be created at a high quality and level of detail that was previously unattainable. Accurately and quickly image intricate designs and artwork onto a variety of mediums with a laser. Laser photo imaging is a great way to create home decorations, plaques, and works of art.

Laser Graphic Imaging Software

All types of digital photos work with Universal’s laser systems. With Universal’s 1-Touch Laser Photoâ„¢ software you can quickly laser image photos without using third party photo editing software. 1-Touch Laser Photo automatically applies special filters that adjust the image appropriately for the material being laser processed.

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