UNIVERSAL LASER SYSTEMS offers you the finest CO2 and fiber laser systems for the engraving, cutting, marking and etching of wood, plastics, paper, cloth, leather, marble, rubber and glass. Systems are available with work area ranging from 12” X 16” for the VLS2.30, 12” X 24” for the most popular VLS3.60, 18” X 32” for the VLS/PLS6.60 up to 24” X 48” for the Industrial Laser Series. Most customers find the standard power ranges more than enough for most routine applications. These are 25 watts for the small VLS2.30 all the way up to 150 watts for faster material processing on the Professional Laser Series and the ILS series. The PLS-MV fiber laser will engrave, mark or etch metals and some plastics.

The rugged Universal Laser Systems are designed and built for years of trouble free operation with heavy duty bearings and ways on the motion system, and snap-in mirrors and lenses that never need adjusting. Available options include a downdraft cutting table, air assist, dual focusing head fixture to double your production, High Density Precision Focusing Optics for fine details and steel marking, and a rotary fixture to mark cylindrical pieces.

We have two demonstration lasers at our offices if you would like to see the capabilities of the Universal Laser Systems; or we would be happy to process some samples for you. If you would like additional information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

ELECTROX is the only laser company to offer all five types of laser tools: Fiber, Enhanced Fiber, diode pumped Nd:YAG, lamp pumped Nd:Yag, and Carbon Dioxide lasers. Each type of laser provides unique advantages to different marking and engraving applications. We offer a broad range of workstations, or the lasers can be incorporated into your workstation or automation system. We utilize a powerful yet flexible Windows based software package called Scriba. Optional features include dual deflection heads, programmable apertures, beam expanders, focusing Z axis, tiling software, label or tag markers, circumferential markers and rotary table systems.

Please contact us if you have a laser engraving or laser marking application.

TBH is the premier manufacturer of laser exhaust / air filtration system for use with your laser system. The TBH Fume Extraction and Air Filtration Systems range from the simple, low cost BF100 for small lasers, up to the highest efficiency GL400 for larger laser systems. Every TBH system comes with a 24 month warranty and full local support.

Please contact us if you have a laser application that requires a laser exhaust or TBH Air Filtration system. We will be happy to make a recommendation.